What’s in my bag?

Hello beautiful 🙂

  Alright, so I will begin with saying that sometimes my bag can also contain tic tacs, tissue paper and hundreds of receipts laying around (yup even in my wallet as well, of course it is happens everytime I went out for shopping #sorrynotsorry) but for today post I think I will leave it out. I’m always try to empty and prepare my bag the evening before or in the morning to make sure I’ve got what I need 🙂

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River Island Bag

 Let’s start with my bag, I use this most of the time when I’m going out, especially for the 1-day trip, I travel to London and other cities quite often so this is my favourite bag to bring along with me. I might blog about what’s in my travel bag as well 😀 I only came to the UK with 3 bags, my big backpacks for my laptop, a Longchamp bag for school and tiny bag for a night out 🙂 I’ve had this for around 6 months now and still absolutely love it more and more, I even recommended to my friends to get one as well, it’s also available in different colors #noAd. I usually think about blog this when I get completely obsessed with one bag and then wear it almost everyday for months, and then move onto the next one. This is the perfect size backpacks for your everyday bag just not for school since it can’t fit A4 size paper but A5 notebook is absolutely fine and you can actually squeeze in a lot more than you would expect 😉

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Tom Ford glasses:

Normally I’m not wearing it, I only use glasses when I have to read from a distance, watch movie in the cinema or go to the shows that far from the stage.

Hand sanitizer:

I always, always have one of this in all of my bags, sometimes I feel like I have OCD (I’m actually not) plus it’s smell good. I got it & this bee holder in Bath & Body Works Singapore – how cute, it’s just like a keychain, I bet more than one time people wonder what’s that thing hanging on my bag.


Another thing I have to bring in my bag, it might because of my habit when I living in Singapore that’s not everywhere give tissue for free and we use that sometimes to reserve our seats in foodcourt, sound weird? Google it hahaha anyway it’s always come in handy.


Just have one in case I need to note something down and this pen is ink erases so it’s pretty cool.

Aesop Hand Cream:

I just start carry this in my bag since I moved to UK cuz the weather here is really dry and I always want to try Aesop’s products ❤

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick:

I’m obsessed with Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick, it can last really long even I’m eating or drinking, it is so good, I bought 2 shades, Lolita I & II. Lolita II is my everyday go to lipstick, I can wear it to school or going out, I just really love it. Too bad I only can order it online, I’d love to try more lipstick shades and her foundation or concealer when I know which shade suitable for my skin. To be honest, I just want to try everything in her cosmetics line 😀

Key & Phone:

I mean, of course. I need them. Always.

My phone is Iphone 6 and i’m still not thinking to change it. A lot of people like my phonecase, never have so much compliments about my phone case than this time, I got it in New Look really randomly, too bad the case’s color start fading away 😦 

Okay, my friends are all wonder what thingy sticking at the back of my phone, it’s a Popsocket, it’s really amazing, I love it. You must be using your phone when lying down and then there is a moment your phone just land on your face haha yup been there, done that, or my phone just simply slip off my hand, i’m telling you this is a life saver, it will stop that to happen again. Also i’m always watching Youtube when I’m eating, this thing will help my phone stand so I don’t have to lean it on whatever on the table (normally I use my cup) but again my phone slip sometime and it’s so annoying. 

Lip Balm:

My friends got this cutie Sweet Snuggles lip balm trio for me last Christmas, I use it everyday, it’s smell nice and really good.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick:

I got this lipstick when watching a beauty guru use it in one of her video and I’m loving it since then, I actually put it in my coin purse so I will not forget to bring it with me. Also I can use this color (Tawny pink) anytime.

Ipod Nano:

I actually can’t live without music so I got this iPod immediately since I first came to Singapore when my iPod Classic broken, until now I still don’t know why I bought it in pink (cuz I hate pink) and only 8GB, I bet I was rushed to have one to listen to music and it was not too expensive, also it has camera and I can play it without plug in the earphone like previous iPod generation. Anyway I still loving it and it’s not draining my phone battery, so even my phone dead, I still can listen to music 😉

Super by Retrosuperfuture Sunglasses:

I love sunglasses and can’t leave the house without them regardless of the weather (even UK weather is not that sunny), I use it to hold my hair like a hair band sometime or most of the time haha

Coin Purse:

I got this cute purse from H&M when I just moved to UK as well cause I have to use coin more than anywhere else and I was struggled to know how to use coin here so I need a purse that I can easy to find amount I need to pay, plus most of my bag inside is black so I need a bright color purse so I can find it quickly and this panda helps, a lot 😀

Tic tacs:

Always like to carry some sweets in my bag 😉

Comme Des Garcons Wallet

I had this wallet when I got my first salary since I lived in Hanoi so I need a small wallet just to keep cash and I found this one, even though I love my Burberry Wallet as well but this one just come in more handy ❤

Michael Kors Card Holder:

It’s so weird that since I moved to UK, all my wallet & bag are getting smaller haha. I got this one when the Comme Des Garcons wallet gave me a bit hard time to find my cards, I only use this to keep my cards that I use often like ID, bank card, school card…


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                What are your bag necessities that you can’t leave the house without?

I hope you’ve enjoyed todays post, and have a lovely weekend so far! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram & Facebook for more update about my favorite Playlist every month, Traveling, Foods and more❤

Happy Easter 😉



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