Our trip to Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham




 7.30am – it was gloomy,cold, sleepy and hungry :D. We are departures from Portsmouth to Birmingham. There is a Christmas Market in Birmingham called Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market & Craft Fair, it is the UK’s largest outdoor Christmas Market. It is run from 17 November till 29 December 2016 (10am-9pm).

For more details http://www.germanchristmasmarketbirmingham.com 

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After around 3 hours on the coach, we are finally here and it was freezing. Thanks Birmingham for welcome us with the unpleasant weather. But it’s ok, at least it’s not raining *rolling eyes* what to expect with UK’s weather. The coach dropped us at Brunel St so we have to walk like 5 minutes to Victoria Square where the Frankfurt Christmas Market located at. Then we went to withdraw some cash because in the market use cash only so take note when you are planning to go shopping and eating in any Christmas markets – Cash is King lol

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The first thing I spotted was Krapfen or also known as Berliner. It’s a traditional German pastry that similar to doughnut without the central hole and usually filled with jam. It made from sweet yeast dough fried in oil. I and my friend chose the original flavour which filled with jam and powdered sugar on top (£1.50).

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Seriously I just want to have it allllllll :”>


I saved my Berliner later for this. This is Schnitzel – It’s meat, thinned by pounding with meat tenderizer, coated with flour, egg & bread crumbs then fried. They have chicken & pork flavour, mine is Pork (£4) which I think is the best. You can choose to have it on it owns or have it with bun, I chose to have it with bun cause it will less messy haha they poured some mushroom sauce in and it will taste like heaven then I added some ketchup and chilli  sauce (personal preference). My breakfast + lunch is served.



Wish I can try this as well, it’s smell so good ~ but after a Schnitzel I can’t and I want to leave some space for a hot chocolate and crepe 😀


Strudel – It’s Austrian cuisine & a type of layered pastry filling with usually sweet, I like apple & cherry flavour. I didn’t try this because again there is a Berliner in my bag already haha.

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Heisse Schokolade – Hot chocolate, how cute is that the Father Christmas mug? It costs us £3.50 and £3 for the deposit in case we want to run away with this cute little mug. They gave us a coin, give it and the mug back they will pay us back £3.

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Then we had a Nutella crepe (£3.50), it’s not great and looks not really appetite so we didn’t take a photo of it.


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After a round of eating and drinking, we decided to go on Carousel to feel like being a kid again. It was so much fun, it’s £2,50/p.

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Finished exploring the market, we went to the Grand Central and Bullring Shopping Centre to have a little shopping. They have so many brands here like Muji, Selfridges, Urban Outfitters, etc and make-up brands like MAC, NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced, you name it.

   Finally, time to go home, it’s 16.30pm and another 3 hours on the coach. Birmingham trip was fun, we had been experienced the Christmas vibes and I was able to enjoy German foods again. It’s been real, till next time ❤.

   Thanks for stopping by my post, I hope you have a wonderful day ahead and now pick up your phone 😉 call your friends to starting planning a trip to Birmingham xx

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