Bali, Indonesia

So after finished our final exam, me and my friends decided to have our graduation trip in Bali, Indonesia for 3 days 2 nights. Let me show you our journey.

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Day 1

We took a flight from Singapore to Bali for around 3 hours by Garuda and rented a villa from Airbnb at Kuta area.

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We are reached and this is where we stayed 😉

We actually really busy with final exam so we didn’t spend a lot of time to search where should we eat and go. Mostly just took some recommendation from friends or reviews on the Internet and ask the driver LOL

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This area was near our restaurant that we had lunch, maybe is someone house idk lol but I like that swimming pool tho

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Our first meal in Bali – Lunchie 🙂

This place call Warung D’Sawah – foods here was nice, they do have a lot of traditional Indonesian foods, friendly staff and nice view. It was a lovely lunch spot 🙂

After lunch, my friend was recommended me to visit Rock Bar to watch the sunset and it was incredible ❤

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Then we went to Rock Bar in the afternoon and I really love it

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This is the best place to watch sunset xx

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  Finally, we headed to a place call Jimbaran bay to have dinner and it was near the beach. After a long day, this place is pretty chill, we grabbed some drinks and have seafoods for dinner.

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 Jimbaran bay to have dinner by the beach


Here is our Indonesian BBQ seafoods for dinner


My friend found this when he walking along the seashore and brought back 2 sweet corns with seasoning, I thought it was just grilled corn like I had in Vietnam but it’s not HAHA it was 10 times better 😛 It was cheap too, RP 10,000/corn.


Best corn ever, grilled sweet corn with seasoning & we had like 4-5 of it after dinner, I did take away 1 back home for supper LOL

Day 2

We was very tired after day 1 so we decided to have breakfast at home and head out after that.

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Tanah Lot is our next destination, before go to Tanah Lot temple, we came across the Tanah Lot Market. The range is very cool , they sells from clothing, toys, wood work, jewelry etc. The price actually not so bad but I think you should bargain for some items to have better deal.

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Tanah Lot Market, we just walking around to get some souvenirs from Bali

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What a cutie owl


Haha here it is another round, this is sweet corn with milk and cheese flavor. I love it, I think each of us had 2 of it before heading to Tanah Lot temple and another friend had 5 LOL yeah FIVE of this 

When walking down to the temple, we was a little bit hungry and thirsty so we stopped at this shop to have sweet corn and coconut juice. Around that area they also sell other beverages and snacks too like chendol or milkshake.

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Gorgeous ❤


That’s me 😛


Trying so hard to take a nice photo for Instagram HAHA


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This is Tanah Lot temple and it is a beautiful sunset view too. Time to set up some time-lapse. It is a very famous temple in Bali – it stands on solid sea rock

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All I do in Bali is watching the sunset ❤

The traffic in Bali is not very good, that’s why a lot of people took motorbike/scooter instead of car or taxi. We literally spend most of our time to go from one place to another, normally it takes around 30′ to an hour or more than that, so we can’t visit many places as much as we wanted. And after spent a day at Tanah Lot, we was exhausted LOL so the driver just brought us to a souvenir shop and grocery shop to get some stuffs then grab a dinner and headed back home.


The sky full of stars ❤

We had a chill night by the pool – had dinner and chit chat for a little while. And before go to bed, we looked up and saw the sky full of stars, it was incredible. We rarely see so many stars like this and it feels so close. What an amazing way to end the night 🙂 Zzzz

Day 3

   It’s time to go home :<

Before headed to the airport, I decided to visit Potato Head Beach Club as it was on my list & I’ll regret that I came to Bali but never been here. And it was worth it, this place is nice, I wish I have more time to chill here. Maybe next time 🙂

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Totally worth it, this place is awesome 😮

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I wish I can just go ahead and swim but the water was so cold LOL


I made this video from my Bali trip footages, I just want to try different techniques, watch it and let me know what y’all think 🙂

This is another one that include the whole trip, iMovie screwed up my ending part & I didn’t intend to making a video so it will be shaking a little bit. Enjoy!

♥ I hope you will enjoy my post, it was a short trip so I don’t many things to share but if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to leave the comments below and I’ll try to answer as much as I can.

Thank you and have a lovely day!

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